Spigt Litigators
Positioning & visual identity

How do you go from aggressive to effective?

This Amsterdam-based law firm, specialised in litigation, had a bad reputation: due to past incidents, they were seen as being overly aggressive. They would certainly not shy away from conflicts, but their motto was ‘settle disputes peacefully if possible — and forcefully if necessary’. We were asked to reposition them as daring and effective at settling disputes, while setting them clearly apart from the competition.

We communicated their strategic talent by quoting historical — but not uncontroversial — figures with a fighting spirit. We combined the quotes with modern typography and iconic imagery. The result is a daring display of attitude in a conservative world of suits and small caps.

During a period of two years we went from overall concept to every aspect of their corporate identity, from logo to website to signing. The visual elements were applied consistently but with restraint, allowing the content to speak: whether it be the quotes and images or the legal victories. The outcome not only convinced clients, but also brought new cohesion in the ranks. To victory!

Created in collaboration with Branson Company

Binders and folders were screen printed in two colors on gray paper to create distinctive products.

Signing & wayfinding in the office.


Invitation to the client barbecue.


Behind the scenes

Nothing seems impossible — The iconic portraits were shot on location, the wallpapers were added later.

Inspiration & point of departure: Old Dutch crests & flags.