Maritime Museum
Positioning, branding & visual identity

Can two ships sail under a united flag?

Journey With Me!
The merger of the Maritime Museum and the neighboring Port Museum in Rotterdam provided the opportunity for a unified new identity. Taken By Storm worked closely with both organisations to find the way of storytelling that hits home with the new museum. We created the concept ‘Journey With Me’ in which the visitor is spoken to directly by the person telling the story, whether it be a harbor worker, siren of the sea or captain of the fleet. This provides the museum with a vessel to bring history to life and make the connection to everyday life today. The concept is evident throughout the museum: from exhibits to garments, from signage to online communication.

Taken By Storm developed a spectrum of collateral miles wide, partly in co-creation with the museum’s in-house designers. We documented the visual system in an extensive brand-manual, enabling the museum to produce most of their communication materials themselves. We set the compass for their online presence with a sturdy website concept, which was further detailed and developed by Zicht Online.

The result was warmly received by museum visitors, employees and volunteers. But most valued was Taken By Storm’s method of operating: a non-relenting gale that cleared the dust out of every nook and cranny. The beacons have been lit, letting the visitors navigate the fantastic stories of the seas, as is evident by increasing visitor numbers. All aboard!

The visual system is based on stacking shipping containers. In its simplicity it offers plenty of flexibility and visual variation, while being instantly recognizable.

Dutch as a language is brimming with expressions that originated in seafaring. Many sayings still apply to the attitude of seamen and museum employees and volunteers alike.

The Maritime Museum flaunts its new identity in the Rotterdam area with portraits and statements. The brandconcept 'Journey with me' literally comes to life covering a tram.

Museum guide for business partners, friends and associates.

Two extra cover pages create a panorama: in the hands of the reader an inspiring overview of the museum unfolds.



The orange is reminiscent of primers: steel that has been treated but not colored for cosmetic reasons. It is typical of sea ships and containers, and was introduced prominently in the building by the architect Ramin Visch. The new visual identity embraces this color: it is raw, modern and claimable. It combines well with the water in many photos, it works well in the building and it saved the museum one hell of a paint job.

The museum’s own technical support team removed the old logo and placed the new. The letters are placed as a 3D layer on top of the steel base: becoming of a seaworthy ship.