We believe in brands with an authentic and inspiring story. Making that story resonate requires strong form and compelling delivery.

In close collaboration with our clients, we pinpoint the most effective strategy and translate content to a clear message. Throughout the process we remain critical, taking a clear stance. And — we always deliver. On time.

The result? A compelling brand story, distinct design and spot-on applications that engage the user.

Taken By Storm Taken By Storm

What questions do clients ask us?

Whether we’re asked to do a striking corporate identity, a clever website, or an interactive annual report, we always put the brand positioning and identity of the organisation first. Seeing even a simple question in the bigger picture of the brand brings solutions that are relevant and valuable to the business.

We keep our office small but our network big. In many projects we collaborate with specialists who bring complementary expertise, such as film makers, copywriters and developers. We structure our work but also take pride in being a flexible organisation, so that we can take on compact projects as well as lengthy trajectories.

We are proud to be of service to clients from many sectors: from cultural heritage to government and education to business service providers. Constantly diving into different sectors feeds our curiosity, widens our angle and makes us better people — and better advisors for our future clients.

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Our expertise


We build authentic brands by digging deep into our clients DNA. We believe that identity is much more than a logo: it is the translation of an organisation’s essence into its voice, appearance and behavior. The end result is more than aesthetically pleasing: it has a recognisable visual system, ensuring the style is claimable and also durable, as it makes new applications easy to develop.

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An effective campaign reaches its target audience with a powerful message. Taken By Storm develops the message and form of the campaign as an extension of the organisation’s identity, bringing the communication strategy to life. We instigate the dialogue between brand and audience through thought-provoking questions, spirited statements and memorable imagery.

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Your brand only really makes a lasting impression when somone interacts with it. In the magical moment when organisation and audience engage, brand values shine through. Taken By Storm helps organisations approach their audience by developing experiences through the eyes of the user. This leads to clear and user-friendly websites, apps, expositions and installation.

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We approach each new project with the same unrelenting curiosity, discovering just what makes the subject fascinating. How we can bring the story to life for fleeting passersby as well as those passionate about the topic? Taken By Storm dives into the depths and brings about a stormy synergy between form and content that never ceases to amaze our clients.

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How does a storm develop?

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Reinko Hallenga

Brand strategist, designer, founder

Chris van Diemen

Creative director, designer, founder

Danuta de Vries

Brand & digital designer

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