TU Delft / IDE
Branding & campaign

Can your students and staff promote a new brand story?

TU Delft’s Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering is celebrating 45 years of product and service development. We created a clear and inspiring vision, geared towards stakeholders, co-workers and students: Design For Our Future. We brought the words to life by combining abstract typography with materialisation. The future is unknown, yet students and professionals are shaping our future as new insights and developments emerge everyday. Taken By Storm created a logo which evolves, just as the future itself does. The number of possible variations is infinite.

A diverse logo range was created to kick off the 45th anniversary year, ranging in style from clean and graphical to raw and materialised. The whole series is championed by students and staff and photo­graphed by Taken By Storm in the faculty building, providing an authentic setting. By including the human side of product and service development, the campaign illustrates the new slogan with honesty and pride. Here’s to their — and all our — futures!

The campaign provides a visual identity for the sub-brand of the faculty, which still works within the corporate identity of the TU Delft.

A sample of the logo series, created by students, professionals and CNC milling machines. The perfect demonstration of diversity.

The chapter titles in the brochure were also materialised, to extend the visual concept throughout their applications.

Two extra cover pages create a panorama — In the hands of the reader an inspiring overview of the faculty's range of projects unfolds.


Type materialisation

Experimenting with materialising type — Printing, cutting, sawing, hacking, lasering… anything goes!