BESIX Nederland
Positioning, project style & magazine

How do you convey continuous change?

A 25-year track record of innovative and distin­guished projects. According to their Belgian parent company, BESIX Nederland is the naughty boy within the group, applying the expertise of the international network, yet unhindered by their formal corporate culture. Our current society demands high quality solutions from a flexible organization which responds to changes: precisely what BESIX Nederland excels at.

Celebrate Change
The 25-year jubilee was celebrated with a sym­posium and marked with refreshed communication. We designed a style which depicts the continuous change in an energetic way, appropriate to a festive event and easy to apply. At the same time, Taken By Storm was asked to redefine BESIX’s positioning and communication strategy.

Building Change
We renewed both the content and the layout of the corporate magazine. More people with stories, less corporate texts. A platform for discussion on a pro­fessional level, less of a newsletter. More reports on ongoing work, less of a display of finished projects.

We chose a generous page size to give the impressive projects ample space. The visual language is clean but bold: sturdy letters form well-constructed compositions and clear information hierarchy. Around the jubilee issue, an additional 20 pages of a smaller size highlight 25 years of successes in an intriguing timeline.

Campaign image and animation in collaboration with Rutger Prins. Magazine with Marjolein Rams and Linda Huijsmans. The event was organized by Future Communication.

The style is inviting, even in a MailChimp template.

LantarenVenster got an effective BESIX make-over — banners, projections, keycords, poster walls: the works.

The narrowcasting in the foyer utilized optimally for the program.

The typography we developed for the magazine has a solid, businesslike feel. The chalk explosion adds a festive dose of color.

Playing at cinema scale, the animation draws you in.

Displays seen from the outside.

The restyled magazine was handed out at the event. The campaign image on the cover visually united all the materials.

The jubilee edition has a cover section which highlights 25 years of successes in a timeline.

The color bars show the expertises in which BESIX has earned its stripes.

The cover section is integrated in the cover of the body of the magazine.

History becomes tangible in the photography’s ascending color grade.

Invite the reader with eloquent content.

Who are the people behind the structures?

BESIX is befittingly proud of the projects, the building techniques and the people who do the work. A photographic report documents the dynamics of the building process.


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