The Inlaw Sisters
Album packaging & band promotion

How do you show the tension under the surface?

“Two amazing women who sit across from each other, look each other dead in the eye, and sing at the top of their lungs.”
— Dirk Powell

Honest and dedicated, the Inlaw Sisters sing and play country music true to the feeling of the Appalachian Mountains. Their music is translated into an album packaging with a pure feel through a layered format. Natural photography and poetic typography is presented in a semi-transparent sleeve. The disc and extensive booklet are cleverly positioned inside the digipack. This collectible was accompanied with a new website, posters, tattoo and various other items.

Awarded with a Graphis Design Award 2010 (Gold Award).

The Inlaw Sisters really get under your skin — so we included a beautiful typographical tattoo. So you can experiment before you have the real one done.