Atelier Rijksbouwmeester
Certificate work-learning program for architects

How do you certify architectural talent?

Receiving a degree has never been this desirable! Participants in Atelier Rijks­bouw­meester’s unique two-year learning-while-working program receive a valuable document — a document that should be worth saving. We created a fitting and modern inter­pretation of the traditional diploma tube: where the diploma is the tube.

This certificate is signed while still flat. The inner beauty of the material — simple uncoated paper — becomes apparent when it is rolled up. The paper has been incised with a laser cutter in a triangular pattern, creating an archi­tectural object as it becomes a cylinder. The technique is easy to apply in small batches and the result is a personal object worthy of a prominent place in even an architect’s home. How’s that for building a brand?


The process

By using equilateral triangles, the tension is evenly distributed. What’s important for the end result turned out to be the ratio between the size of the triangles and the diameter of the cylinder.

The last prototype after many experiments.