Sociale Verzekeringsbank
Online annual report 2013

How do you unveil the humanity behind social security data?

The Sociale Verzekeringsbank (Dutch social security or SVB) executes national legislation for our govern­ment. The large-scale automation they employ in order to do this efficiently creates big data about our society. In this age of trans­parency, the SVB wants to make this data accessible and understandable for all.

Instead of a printed annual report, they have moved to publishing data online, making it possible to expand the data set, update it, and make it easier to search. This ‘knowledge platform’ has a story­telling layer that can be updated yearly to provide the same communications oppor­tunity for stakeholders and general public alike.

Relations were invited to emerge in the data through the a printed mailing: an extensive folded brochure that intro­duced the stories as well as a financial summary. A week later, an email with animated infographics from the website was sent as a reminder.

Taken By Storm developed the overall concept with Roos & van de Werk, art directed photography, illustrated the highlights in the data and visually designed the interface. Online report specialists F19 handled the implementation.

View the online annual report (in Dutch)



Mark Kuipers photographing his partner and son for the main image.