Center for Mindfulness
Rebranding & website redesign

How can you be present in the here and now?

The Center for Mindfulness approached us for a redesign of their website, but we were soon all agreed that their entire brand could use a hefty redesign. And how do you depict the tranquility that comes with mindfulness and the authority appropriate to the Center?

Present in the here and now
Mindfulness helps people to not constantly have their thoughts firing on all cylinders, losing a lot of energy to this unrest. Using meditation and mental training they learn to focus on the here and now; to pay attention to the things that matter.

Focus in the brand
Mindfulness is often associated with a dreamy nature and the lotus position in a tree house. The challenge for us was to show the professionalism of the Center without being cold and aloof; to have a business and personal appeal. We found the balance in corporate typography on warm colors combined with illustrations. In the depiction of everyday actions, you can feel how we can focus our attention.

In the website we structured the large amount of information with a simple menu. The pages have one subject on the screen at a time, providing focus. The change has evoked many positive reactions as the style is being implemented into everything from inspiration-emails to presentations and from stationery to brochures. View the website here.


Behind the screens

Branding and design works consistently on every device.