Roos & Van de Werk
Visual identity

How can you unite content and character?

Roos & Van de Werk is a young consultancy for brand positioning and creative strategy. They help organisations define a vision, mission and values and determine a course of action to success­fully grow their business. To represent their brand, we designed a custom typeface that serves as a headline font for the stories created specifically for each client.

The feel of the typography is business­like, yet creative, due to several distinctive characters which makes the message instantly memorable. The typeface provides the freedom to create branded applications with surprising ease: they can apply any style of imagery to presentations, memo’s and so on without losing that Roos & Van de Werk edge. Simple, yet effective.

The custom typeface shows its strength — a clear identifier that never gets in the way of the content.

Every western character was drawn as a glyph. Every future scenario resolved.



Why create a custom typeface? Aren’t there a gazillion excellent fonts out there already? We set out to distill the founders’ unique character into something they can use to write with. So that every word and phrase they type is instantly recognisable without forsaking legibility.

We painstakingly sought the balance between deviating from the normal lettershapes without annoying the reader. A clear case of the devil is in the details. Amen.