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How do you accelerate the flow at airports?

Twelve European partners committed themselves to the challenge: accelerate air travel by 60 minutes — at the airport. We gave the ambition of the group form by depicting the flow at the airport.

Frequent and flexible communication
In the Horizon 2020 project PASSME, twelve airlines, airports, universities and companies combine their expertise. In accordance to European rules, the consortium has to be transparent throughout the whole process by regularly publishing their progress. Taken By Storm developed a branding toolkit that works effectively for online publication, presenting interim results and various means by which interventions at the airport are announced.

The flow at the airport
Is catching your flight a nerve-wracking ordeal for you? Most passengers get stressed by standard procedures such as checking-in and security clearance. Airport routing is always confounding, and you can already feel the unexpected delay hanging in the air. With personalized tips and a more even distribution of passengers, the route towards the gate is simplified from a complex tangle to a smooth flow.

We depicted this line of thinking by cleverly connecting letters in the wordmark. The concept of trying out new ideas and arriving at effective solutions is depicted in the form language, in which smooth lines come together in a forward motion, ending in a straight line. A fresh color scheme that balances between corporate and consumer gives the style its finishing touch.

The S symbol stands for the smartest, speediest and smoothest route to your airplane seat.

A refreshing style that balances perfectly between a corporate and consumer look.

Even abstract schematics can contribute to the overall branding of the project.

Branding the app that will bring you essential personalised tips & tricks during your journey through the airport.

Progress is communicated to partners through group presentations. The format we created provides a range of options for presenting different kinds of information and has been successfully and enthusiastically employed from day one.