Positioning, branding & visual identity

How can you bring help within reach?

Kwadraad is a leading organisation for social work in the province of Zuid Holland. For the past several years, they’ve been pioneering an online help program, where those in need of some form of assistance can start to work on their own problems immediately, as well as get (online) guidance from professional social workers. As a brand, however, they still communicated from a traditional offering-based perspective.

Taken By Storm worked with Roos & Van de Werk to redefine Kwadraad’s positioning and translate their vision of empowering through self-guidance to all aspects of their communications. This resulted in categorizing their help offering into six groups based on online client questions. Every piece of communication ends with the tagline: ‘Get started on or call 088 900 4000’.

The visual identity is clear and practical: the categories are visually recognizable through a subtle color scheme and simple, timeless illustrations. The new wordmark has a personal feel and we added ‘Social Work’ as an identifier in terms the target audience understands.

Online visitors are encouraged to engage directly via the ‘Get started’ menu, which sticks to the bottom edge of the browser window and provides quick access to those actions relevant to the user on that page. The menu has increased the conversion from casual browsers to people actually picking up their lives through Kwadraad’s (self) help programs. The website was developed by Hoppinger according to our design, Sabel did the writing.

The new identity and website were received with open arms by the employees, clients and stakeholders alike. Have a look!

The website features what we coined the 'Get started' menu at the bottom of every screen: where you will find the buttons to start making a change for yourself right now. Online or offline.

Simple template designs give way to a flexible and cost-effective solution for promoting courses, support groups or other forms of help.

We commissioned Anna Boukema to capture ordinary people on the street. You’d be surprised at the stories they have to tell. And that reminds you why everybody needs a little help from time to time.

The manual shows the flexibility of the visual system, empowering Kwadraad to easily create new collateral that is instantly recognisable.