Positioning, brand & visual identity

How Do You Give Technology a Human Face?

Software developers work magic with information, creating fantastic systems with the goal of making work faster and smarter. This changes the user’s task — often making it more abstract and rarely more fun. Easyflex has extensive knowledge about work processes in the flex branch and uses this to develop its software. This is why it is so successful at making work not only more efficient but also much easier.

Flexible world
We took on Easyflex’s challenge to give technology a human face, developing a style that creates organic shapes based on geometric forms. With our concept “Flexible world” we created a recognizable style, extended their former color scheme with a richer palette, and added “makes flex work easy” to the Easyflex logo.

Taken By Storm provided advice on message, tone of voice and use of materials, developed the style and carried it through both online and offline. Everything from social media channels to coffee cups and from tutorials to flowcharts has been realized on brand.

For the new product Planning we came up with a visual concept that stems naturally from the brand story. We worked this out in an introduction film, website and sales materials. After seeing our campaign, the personnel of a large flex office asked their boss to switch over to Easyflex Planning right away. A good product with the right features, effectively communicated. This convinces clients and expands the visual identity.

See the Easyflex Planning product site.

Clear communication about the options we offer to the end user. The website was made in cooperation with Studio Gewoon.

A short animation explains what problems we address without summing up the numerous features of Easyflex Planning. The style comes alive and immediately creates a positive association with the brand.

The facets in the style are both figurative and abstract, work well both zoomed out and close up, and can serve as a frame for both photo and video.

A fact sheet for each product that clearly points out the client benefits.

The style offers enough versatility for the fact sheet lay-out, while still making it unmistakably clear who the sender is.

The letterhead of today.

Simple and yet inspired — and immediately recognizable.

The brand shape is easily applicable in more playful expressions as well.


Starting point

The inspiration for the brand shape stemmed from our search for a richer color palette and from experimenting with how to make geometrical shapes flexible. We arrived at our solution through the use of physical materials as well as computer sketches.

We used a richer palette in developing the new corporate colors.

The idea for the visual style came about through physically bending geometric shapes.