Alrijne Health Care Group
Positioning, brand & visual identity

How does your brand inspire your own people?

Alrijne is the brand name chosen by a collective of three excellent regional hospitals in the Leiden – Alphen aan den Rijn area. As part of the merger process, Taken By Storm was asked to capture the essence of Alrijne in a brand story and visual identity. We spoke with people from a cross section of the organization and led the working group on identity, clarifying the collective’s common values in record time.

People Benefit from Quality Care with Personal Attention
At an Alrijne hospital you can count on exceptional care. Your expectations are sure to be exceeded, particularly by the personal attention shown to you by staff, nurses and doctors. Alrijne believes that excellent health care can best be achieved when patients and professionals decide together on solutions.

Visual Recognition
We translated this conviction into a visual statement which clearly sets Alrijne apart from its often institutional looking competitors. The hand drawn logo illustrates the personal attention that is Alrijne’s signature way of working. Collaborative decision making is expressed by the overlapping fields of warm colors. This combination offers a friendly and professional visual language that is multifaceted and practical in its application, allowing Alrijne versatility when developing new materials.

Supported Connection
The results of the sessions form the core of the brand story. We captured this in the brand passport, which, together with the film that introduces the brand, elicited proud responses:

“This makes me want to work for Alrijne!”

— Sport physician M. Verschure

“Really beautiful. Leiderdorp is my hospital, so I’ve seen it from the inside. Compliments!” — Ina Engelbarts

Alphen aan den Rijn branch

The Alrijne story has been embraced by the personnel. Cast into a brand passport, it is part of the brand’s foundation and is referenced daily.

The sloping line that so strongly characterizes Alrijne’s visual identity has become an integral part of the brand passport’s form.

Alrijne employees play the leading roles while getting acquainted with the new brand in this introduction film.

To introduce the new form, Alrijne’s brand story has been published in the employee magazines of both organizations.

Third parties can easily apply the new style. Toko73 is the designer of the new employee magazine.

The launching of the new brand was immediately accompanied by a new corporate site which showcases the new style and content developed by Taken By Storm.