After Hours Clinics
National logo & visual style

Can you make emergency care universally recognizable?

Do you know when to call the After Hours Clinic and to not just drive to the Emergency Room? The After Hours Clinics of the Netherlands are independent local organizations. They united their efforts for better national recognition and opportunities to conduct a joint campaign. Their message: if you go to the hospital unnecessarily, you do yourself disservice; at an After Hours Clinic you will be helped better and faster. Also, you do society disservice: hospital care is more expensive.

Urgency and well-being
The new motto of the After Hours Clinics is “Voor Spoed” which means Well-being as well as For Urgency, an equally beautiful and simple discovery by Roos & Van de Werk. Taken By Storm developed a strong vignette that radiates care and emergency and is also distinguishable from other medical symbols in public spaces.

Nationally recognized
The vignette can be effectively applied to signage, on maps and other communications materials. Through a full-blown common visual style, After Hours Clinics can become even more recognizable. For this reason we developed a joint corporate identity that exudes calm and is pragmatic, making it easy to apply to many forms of communication.

In full or in addition
After Hours Clinics can choose to adopt the full style or to add “Voor Spoed” + the vignette to their current logo. Taken By Storm developed guidelines for both options. We created a range of collateral, which After Hours Clinics can order via an online corporate portal launched by Taken By Storm. This ensures that quality is maintained while everyone benefits from what has previously been made. Now that’s efficient!

More and more clinics are adopting the logo, making after hours care easier to identify for everyone.

The vignette is extremely well suited to signage and other functional applications.

The visual style was developed with ease of application in mind.

The online corporate portal where individual clinics can log in to order customized Office templates, a website and printed materials.



We studied various symbols, forms and their meanings. This lead to four logos being proposed. The one in use today was unanimously chosen by the 100+ clinics.