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Text and inspiration book

How can inspiration become education?

How do you design for user experience? This distinctive volume contains an enormous range of graduation projects that aim for a specific user experience. Authors Pieter Desmet & Rick Schiffer­stein introduce a methodology based on 10 years of experience in supervising these design processes. The most important ingredients for succesful results are illustrated by no less than 35 projects by Industrieel Design Engineering students from the TU Delft.

The projects display great diversity in scale and area of application: from a pill-dispenser to a completely revamped coast area. The way the theory is paired with innovative results makes the book inspiring and helpful at once. This also gives room for the projects to shine, even if many are still at a prototype phase.

A clever layout provides a much needed playful­ness, without being overly present. Theoretical and inspiring, abstract and practical — these traits are perfectly balanced in the design. On the cover, the sleek typography of the title folds onto the spine like an experiment. This unpolished effect reflects the process the students went through during their projects.

The book’s design makes it a source of inspiration for students, researchers and experts in the field of user experience. To this day it is used as a textbook in university courses. Maybe because the unique execution makes reading the book a user experience in its own right.

Awarded with a European Design Award 2011 (Bronze).

The visible overlaying in the design complement the layered information:  theory and its subjective interpretation.


Book launch

Checking the opacity of the metallic ink.

User Experience Design-gurus Pieter Desmet & Rick Schifferstein present their life’s work.

The publication can be found in the TU Delft book shop and is still readily available online.