Sociale Verzekeringsbank
Annual Report 2012

Can you show the urgency of constant change?

This year’s annual report for the SVB (Dutch Social Security) calls attention to the many changes happening now. New policies on all fronts and cut-backs in spending are met head-on with smarter ICT and data exchange with related (government) organisations. Not only are there more and more fundamental changes than in previous years, the current political climate calls for faster implementation.

We illustrated this urgency by drawing that which is happening behind the scenes onto daily life photography, making those processes almost tangible. The illustrational style is carried over to simple infographics and other visual elements to create a coherent book, playful and warmhearted yet businesslike.
The report’s publication was met with enthusiastic responses from our client, their Board of Directors and stakeholders alike.



SVB colleagues discuss the advantages of further automating processes while photographer Annabel Oosteweeghel uses her sharp eye to capture the moment.