CRISP Platform
CRISP Magazine #4

Can care and well-being inspire designers?

CRISP Platform is a cooperation between researchers and designers from a variety of companies and educational institutes in the creative field. Eight innovative projects extend the scope of design to Product Service Systems. Designers learn about research and how it can be applied, researchers learn about design practice and how to align their research with industry objectives. CRISP is an excellent example of how science, the creative industry, and companies can work together to achieve meaningful innovation.

Is well-being the same as being healthy? Is design for well-being relevant within the context of healthcare only? Opinions differ on when and how the designer should be involved. The magazine team fires up the discussion and provides a platform for different perspectives. The idea of care, well-being and self-reflection involved in the projects is embodied in the zen-like cover.

CRISP Magazine brings the insights of the projects into a tangible product, to stimulate over 200 project members during the CRISP initiative. We co-created the magazine with the editorial team, working side by side to untangle complex information into a legible, natural flow. Two layers of information are coded with distinctive colors, and projects cross-references help to find similar stories.


The wider angle

The balance and rhythm of the articles is carefully weighed right up until the issue goes to print.