CRISP Platform
CRISP Magazine #1

How do you inspire 179 project members?

CRISP Platform is a cooperation between researchers and designers from a variety of companies and educational institutes in the creative field. Eight innovative projects extend the scope of design to Product Service Systems. Designers learn about research and how it can be applied, researchers learn about design practice and how to align their research with industry objectives. CRISP is an excellent example of how science, the creative industry and companies can work together to achieve meaningful innovation.

As products become more complex, often existing primarily as software interfaces and services, an intriguing and confronting question arises: “Don’t you design chairs anymore?”. We chose this quote from one of the articles for the cover because it captures the paradox of Product Service Systems design: designers no longer create simple objects that exist on their own, but work on small parts of our connected world.

CRISP Magazine #1 brings the insights of the projects at their halfway point together into a tangible product. This first issue resulted in renewed perspective, and inspired 179 project members to learn from each other’s work. We’re thrilled that this product puts smiles on so many faces. We co-created the magazine with the editorial team, working side by side to untangle complex information into a legible, natural flow. Two layers of information are coded with distinctive colors, and project cross-references help to find related stories.

The first copy was extended to Marjan Hammersma, Director General of the Ministry of Education, Culture & Science during the fourth Design Review Session. The magazine was warmly received — and before the day was over, plans were being made for the next issue. Enthusiasm is contagious!

Each article is visually crafted to represent its content — some abstract, some figurative.



As part of the editorial team we’re thrilled that this product puts smiles on so many faces. Because they were proud to see their own work well-presented and because they — finally — saw the progress being made in the other projects.

Bound together smartly in a tangible mid-project review, they took the energy of the day home with them, inspiring them for every day thereafter.

The relations between the articles are re-examined and shuffled right up until the whole magazine goes to print. Only when everything fits just right, do we say go!

Paul Hekkert, chairman of CRISP Platform, presents the magazine.

The first copy was extended to Marjan Hammersma, Director General of the Ministry of Education, Culture & Science during the fourth Design Review Session.

The magazine was warmly received — a moment for celebration!

And before the day was over, plans were being made for the next issue. Enthusiasm is contagious!