Children’s Book Museum
Collage-invent-draw-write-imagine-cut-paste-paint book

How do you teach kids to really see an illustration?

‘Color Your World’ is a playful collage-invent-draw-story-make-imagine-cut-paste-invert-paint book we created for the Children’s Book Museum in The Hague. Combining art and activity, it embodies the museum’s mission to let children and their parents participate in their popular expositions, in this case of the work of Dutch illustrator Sieb Posthuma.

Taken By Storm invented the different activities in the book with assistance from Suzanne Hallenga, who provided pedagogical expertise — you know, for kids. The artist’s illustrations were treated respectfully, and still the book provides plenty of playful challenges for children aged 4 to 12. In the end 20.000 copies were sold at the museum’s nifty book shop.

Die cut shapes allow kids to color and thereby create a shape as if by magic.

Complete the drawing any way you see fit, and then turn the page to see the original. What are the similarities? Oh, the joys of playing with paper!