World Expo Rotterdam 2025
Brand & Campaign Style

How Do You Launch a Dream that Lies Ten Years in the Future?

A group of Rotterdam entrepreneurs has taken the initiative to bring the 2025 World Expo to the Netherlands. With an enormous societal vision on the one hand and a hands-on mentality on the other, they are working together to build support for a World Expo new style. An event that will give the Netherlands the opportunity to exhibit its knowledge about (urban) life at and on the water, and one that will boost the country’s lead as a circular economy.

The Societal Agenda
This long-term vision requires a clear societal agenda and solid agreement between businesses, government, schools and knowledge institutions. To reach this goal, heated discussions are being held that are gradually aligning the interests of all stakeholders towards a common future. In effect, working towards the World Expo is accelerating the transition taking place in our society — and helping those involved to redefine their focus on the future.

The dream of a future in which we can transcend the problems of the current consumption society is made tangible in a short, upbeat film. The self-assured typography is eye-catching and personifies the city, showing both Rotterdam’s rawness and its international allure. The slanted planes of color are an abstract reference to building volumes. The recognizable style that arises makes it feels as if we are looking years into the future.

Taken By Storm provided the concept and creative direction, applying our distinctive style of quick switches between abstract outlines and detailed content, inspiring text and striking visuals.

The challenge: to communicate the ambitions of the project without being able to go very deeply into details, but still offering more than abstract language. The solution was very well received. We developed the infographic with Kaayman.

An inspiring eye-catcher and a compact summary of the objectives. We developed the style together with Enchilada, who also designed the typography.

The e-mail newsletter we developed is broadcast every two weeks to communicate the ongoing developments.

The World Expo dream comes to life in this mood film, which we made in collaboration with Eyehear.

Taken By Storm wrote the film script and chose the images, working together with Eyehear on the flow and edit. This set the tone for the entire project.