Stad & Esch
Open Day Campaign

How can a school show its true face?

Choosing the right school at age 12 isn’t easy. You have to guess at the feel of the place, whether you’ll make new friends, and if you’ll enjoy it — and trust that you’ll be taught what you need to know later on in life.

To display the character of Stad & Esch in Meppel, we chose to portray the students them­selves — as they are, with a range of emotions you will encounter daily. This testifies to the school’s open mindedness and vision of bringing people together. The school is proud of its place in the city and its students, therefore literally wearing the message on their faces makes it communicate so well.

Multiple emotions in one image inspires those looking for a school to visit Stad & Esch. Being yourself is what Stad & Esch is all about. Because the diversity of kids makes the school what it is: a place for meeting and being inspired. With an open mind.

Photography — Chris van Diemen
Design & Art Direction — Taken By Storm
Project Direction — Marcel Kampman


Behind the scenes

After all the funny faces and joking around, it took some serious scrubbing to get the paint back off :-)